We Asked 3 Chefs to Name the Best Canned Tuna, and They All Said the Same Thing

Creamline Chef/Owner, Harris Mayer, is all about line-caught albacore tuna, which he appreciates for its “clean and lean flavor.” For that reason, Mayer chooses San Diego-based American Tuna. He points out that, while most commercial tuna is caught with nets, American Tuna distinguishes itself by using what’s known as a one-by-one fishing method, using one hook and one line to catch a single fish at a time. It’s much more labor-intensive, but it reduces pollution from discarded fishing equipment, provides less interference in the marine habitat, and fosters a community of fisheries that can contribute to their local economies. “Sustainability matters to us because food that comes from a happier and healthier environment TASTES better,” insists Mayer.

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