Look for the flags to find the U.S.-made products, website says

The new website BuyOurUSA.com is now live after many years in the making and redefines how consumers evaluate the patriotism behind the products they buy.

An immigrant from Guyana, Rudi Ali is a proud U.S. veteran who served in the U.S. Army and loves America for its values and opportunities. He and his wife Joan became distressed by the hollowing out of the American choices caused by the movement of manufacturing jobs to foreign nations. As a result, he has used his Information Technology (I.T.) background to establish a ‘Buy American’ shopping website that ranks products by the number of American flags assigned to over 297,000 products!

With one visit to BuyOurUSA.com, you will see the patriotic purpose behind what Rudi Ali calls our need to ‘Buy America back.’

He has established what he calls the Patriotic American Shopping Network. The patriotic ranking of each product factors in the percentage of American material, labor, and ownership across the manufacturers, distributors, and vendors in the supply chain. This ranking provides a much more accurate indication of the patriotic rank than the Made in the USA label, where these percentages are unknown.

The analysis is straightforward. The more flags assigned to a particular product, the more American that product ranks in the listing. Five flags mean the most American-made you can buy in that category, and more U.S. dollars will remain in America from purchasing that product. One flag means the least American-made you can buy in that category, and fewer U.S. dollars will stay in America from purchasing that product. Of the more than 297,000 products listed on the website, over 74,000 have a ranking of three flags or higher.

When you click on any product on BuyOurUSA.com, the relevant pages on the vendor’s website are displayed, allowing you to buy directly from the vendor. Simple! This system not only benefits our country by giving U.S. consumers American alternatives, but it also benefits the domestic vendors of various products since they don’t have to go through multiple resellers or middlemen. The products you buy are shipped directly to you from the vendors. That gives these American businesses a stronger financial position by retaining more profits for the products they sell.

Not since the now-defunct F.L.A.G.S. Foundation (which stood for Federal Labeling of All Goods and Services) that I became aware of in 1995 has someone attempted this with such passion as Rudi Ali.

We need to buy our county back after many years of mindless globalization strategies that are proven dead, except in the minds of a few legislators and economists who are only saving face for their past views.

At BuyOurUSA.com, you’ll find categories like Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry; Grocery, Health & Beauty; Home & Garden; Toys, Kids & Baby; Tools, Auto & Industrial; Sports & Outdoors; Computer & Office; and Electronics.

You can also access the complete line of vendors on the website. For example, clicking on Florsheim displays 412 products, including the Florsheim Postino Cap Toe Oxford; Jr dress shoe, which ranks at 3.3 flags and sells for just $44.90.

The Patriotic American Shopping Network provides a more accurate evaluation of products with its flag ranking system than other shopping websites because the data is based on business information from the vendors and is supplemented by direct contact with supply-chain personnel.

Contemplating how difficult it would be to find an affordable, American-made dress shoe from an American company without a resource like BuyOurUSA.com shows how essential and indispensable this website is. You won’t find this kind of information on Amazon.com, where many U.S. consumers feel frustrated about not being informed of where products sold on that website are made.

You can search for products by department, price, and the number of flags (one through five). You can even set a maximum price level for your search. Products that score less than one flag are not listed on the website. So if you’re looking for a way to avoid the seemingly endless supply of foreign-made imports on the shelves at your local retailer or big box store, check out the Patriotic American Shopping Network BuyOurUSA.com for the best way to determine what’s really American.

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