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BAMW: U.S. consumers need awareness and flexibility with their purchases
The outbreak of the coronavirus in the U.S. puts Americans at obvious risk for their health. Beyond that, the fallout may be felt by American consumers when the products they want and need become unavailable due to our dependency (over-dependency) upon Chinese imports.


Collaboration, "Buy American" efforts emerging from COVID-19 crisis
A Nielsen Company study found, "shoppers are exhibiting signs that they may steer away from products that traveled long distances with multiple human touchpoints." Also, "consumers have generally displayed strong preferences for local dairy and fresh produce brands and products versus those coming from further afield." The U.S. has some of the healthiest and most sustainable seafood in the world. By seeking out domestically caught fish, Americans can support fishermen and the ocean during this difficult time.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants to keep America dependent on China
The Chamber of Commerce and the other trade groups associated with it gussied up their plea to stop the "Buy America" mandates as being in the American interest. It's all for the American good, they argued. But the fact is that the Chamber of Commerce does not represent America. It's the front group for the big international corporations and Wall Street. While the middle class stagnated, these interests grew rich in deliberately de-industrializing the U.S. Now they want to protect their investments in China. It's really as simple as that.


Toys, tech and cars: Supplies are running low for firms that depend on China imports
Basic Fun, a toy company based in Boca Raton, Florida, has sought suppliers in Vietnam and India with no luck yet. The stakes are high. Basic Fun gets about 90% of its toys from China.


BAMW: Prominent American Products
Any pro-Buy American person should love my new book due out in January, titled UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Our Founding Fathers Rejected FREE TRADE And So Should We. Why should pro-Buy American people be advocates of U.S. import tariffs? Because anything that makes U.S. products more competitive and attractive to the U.S. consumer is a good thing! Buy foreign, pay the tariff. Buy American, avoid the tariff.


BAMW: Reserve Roger Simmermaker's new book - get two FREE books!
UNCONSTITUTIONAL shines new light on the trade issue and reveal perspectives being entirely missed by the media. With your advance order, you'll get a FREE copy of the third edition of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism and My Company 'Tis of Thee: 50 Patriotic American Companies American Consumers Should Know About. Simply reserve your order between now and December 31. Send no money now. You will be notified in January 2020 when the book is available.


BAMW: Sign the petition to strengthen the Made in USA standard!
It's time to strengthen enforcement of the "Made in USA" standard. Tell the FTC to stand up for American manufacturers, workers, and consumers and penalize companies that cheat the system! That's the only way these cheaters that have no loyalty to the United States of America will stop.


BAMW: Rejecting the religion that is free trade
It is no secret that free traders worship free trade as a religion. Syndicated columnist and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan once said free traders worshiped at the "altar of efficiency" since they advocate lower prices as an end game and ultimate goal.


BAMW: China's Economic Aggression Threatens U.S. Energy Independence
China is operating out of the playbook it used for electronics, furniture, textiles, apparel, footwear, and the like, which says one must sell at prices low enough to drive out the competition. Then, after China has driven out the formidable competition, it can control the market it seeks to dominate.


BAMW: A common-sense bipartisan reform to protect and create American jobs
Advocates of this domestic-driven reform maintain, and I agree, that this will level the playing field for smaller retailers, protect American jobs, and protect consumers from price spikes at the gas pump. This is the kind of reform that we need, and that we should all be supporting.

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Simmermaker's book is a patriot's guide to shopping. The American worker and small businessman does not have a better friend.
- Patrick J. Buchanan

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It's easy to say we should buy American but it's not easy to actually do it. 'How Americans Can Buy American' goes a long way toward turning a good idea into reality.
- Charley Reese

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Why Buy American?

     Forty-percent of the world is in recession. New records have been set for both personal and corporate bankruptcies. America's trade deficit continues to escalate to historic levels. The savings rate has turned negative, as the average consumer spends $1.10 for every dollar they earn. Real wages for working Americans have plummeted 19% since 1972 - about the same time we entered into a so-called "global economy." We only vote for our representatives every two or four years, but we vote with our wallets and checkbooks every day!

     How Americans Can Buy American puts the steering wheel controlling our nation's fate in the hands of those who care about it most - The American People. The time has come for ordinary Americans to take control of America's destiny.

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