5 unique ways to Buy American that Americans should know about

American Made Baby Products is a mom-owned retailer of high-quality, USA-made baby items. At www.americanmadebaby.com you’ll find over 100 American-made baby products.

As a first-time mom, the owner spent several hours researching baby products and quickly found the market was dominated by foreign-made products. And since most large companies have factories located all over the world, you often don’t know where manufactured baby items are made until you receive them.

At American Made Baby Products, you’ll find baby clothes, blankets, toys (including bath toys), pacifiers, books, pillows, pacifiers, and bottles. You’ll also find several organic baby products including shorts, shirts, blankets, onesies, gowns, hats, mittens, leggings, bibs, and fitted crib sheets.

If you want to avoid Chinese-made insoles, avoid Dr. Scholl’s insoles, and buy ENER-GEL insoles instead. ENER-GEL is family-owned, American-owned, and American-made. ENER-GEL insoles can be purchased here by visiting my USA Shop.

Back in 2013, Walmart announced it was planning on stocking its shelves with $50 billion worth of American-made merchandise over the next decade while hiring 100,000 veterans. It’s too bad that truly patriotic American companies like ENER-GEL are left out of Wal-Mart’s American-made product selection.

ENER-GEL insoles used to be carried at Walmart, and they were for 18 years until Walmart abruptly discontinued the domestic producer. Unfortunately, Walmart carries Chinese-made Dr. Scholl’s instead.

Like ENER-GEL, Allett is a brand that I love and use every day. The craftsmanship and quality of Allett wallets are second to none.

Allett wallets can hold a serious amount of cash and cards. One cash pocket is deep and the one on the other side of the separator is not, reducing the thickness of your banknotes inside.

I have exclusively used Allett wallets for over 15 years, and I’m only on my second one. My first was a leather wallet, and my second one is a lighter nylon wallet.

On your initial visit to their website, you can sign up for 10% off your first order, and be the first to know about special events, new products, and promotions.

Shipping in the United States is free when you spend $75 or more. Other than that, standard shipping with tracking is only $4.00 (flat rate) per order.

What do you do when you experience chapped lips or need lip balm? Go out and buy the same old Chapstick you’ve always used? What if I told you there was something better, from a small American company with a great track record (in business since 2014)? Serious Lip Balm is that company.

At seriouslipbalm.com you’ll find skin care, lip care, moisturizers, and even products for your pet. And Serious is also from a small town in middle America (which happens to be my hometown of Jacksonville, Illinois). I’ve never met with the owners of the company, but I hope to in my travels in the future because my wife and I like and use their products.

It’s funny thing that the rubber duck was invented in America, but only one company makes them in America – Celebriducks. I was graciously sent a couple of samples by the owner (I like to see and feel the products that I write about) and the quality is what you would expect from an American-made product.

Many industries originated in America, only to be offshored to other countries. But Craig Wolfe, president of CelebriDucks (www.celebriducks.com), has single-handedly brought the rubber duck industry from overseas back to the United States.

Craig Wolfe’s CelebriDucks has become the top custom duck manufacturer in the world – even exporting them to China!

Not all CelebriDucks are made in the USA as the migration back to America is gradual, but you can easily find the ones that are made in the U.S.A. here on their Made in America page.

It’s great to continue to buy American from the established American-owned companies we already know and love. But it’s even better to support other smaller American companies making products in the U.S.A. that most folks don’t always know about.

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