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Made in U.S.A. Information Act
Ever since the 103rd Congress, legislation has been introduced to establish a toll-free number consumers can call to find information on Made in U.S.A. products. In each Congress, the House of Representatives has passed the legislation, and in March 2001, HR 725, dubbed the Made in America Information Act, passed 407-3!

The legislation now sits before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, and is currently being ignored. Clearly our United States Senate is not listening, and it is now time to improve their hearing!

Please fill out this simple online form, and your petition will be used to grab the attention of the Senators that can move this bill forward. Your House of Representatives has spoken loud and clear. It is now time for the American People to speak even louder! Sign and send the online petition today!

Dear Senator,
     This petition is to call your attention to HR 725, which passed the House of Representatives in March 2001 by an overwhelming margin of 407-3!
     The signers of this petition strongly urge you and your colleagues on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee to immediately consider this legislation and bring it to the Senate floor for a vote.
     HR 725, the Made in America Information Act, which would establish a toll-free number for consumers to call and find American made products, has passed every vote in the House of Representatives since the 103rd Congress. This bill deserves to be brought before the Senate for a vote!
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