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How Americans Can Buy American!
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Support the Cause of Buying American

Can you donate as little as $5.00 to the Buy American cause? It may not seem like a lot to you, but if only a small percentage of visitors to this website could donate a small amount, it would help my efforts to spread the word of the importance of Buying American and how to do it!

Never before has America noticed a greater link between patriotism and their pocketbook. Now more than ever, it is important to spread the word about buying American as consumers become more aware that we don't just vote in November at the polls -- we vote every day with our dollars at the stores!

And now more than ever, I need your financial support to be able to continue to spread the word about the importance of Buying American at this time of heightened national awareness.

A seemingly small gift of $5 or $10 may not matter much to you, but it will matter a lot to me, and in the long run, even more to the U.S. economy. I am asking for your voluntary financial commitment to continue on a path that I believe will continue to change America for the better.

A donation as small as $5 or $10, that would help the cause more than you may realize. Of course a donation of $20 or more would help even more.

You can also make a stand-alone contribution by sending a check or money order in any amount you feel comfortable with to P.O. Box 780839, Orlando, FL 32878-0839, and make checks payable to "How Americans Can Buy American."

If you would like to receive something in return for your generous contribution, please feel free to order something from our USA Shop at

Thank you for your kind consideration, and thank you for supporting the Buy American cause.


Roger Simmermaker, Author
How Americans Can Buy American

Roger Simmermaker is the author of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism and writes "Buy American Mention of the Week" articles for his website and Roger has a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and is the vice president of his local Machinists Union (IAM&AW). He been a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, and has been quoted in the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week among many other publications.

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